Static II 'The Invisibles'

Static II 'The Invisibles'

For the first time since it's original release 11 years ago, the most celebrated edition from the Static series is finally available as a digital download! Static II originally premiered in 2004 and was out of print until only recently but now you can own a digital copy on your computer and also watch on your iPhone, iPad, or even your Roku whenever you like. This package also comes with the two original commercials, only seen in 411VM back in 2003/04. All for a mere $4.99. Amazing!

Static II 'The Invisibles'

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  • Static II "The Invisibles"

    Originally premiering in 2004, Static II is available now for the very first time in an online digital version, over 10 years since it's release.
    Static II has been celebrated as the most popular of the full Static series and features a pretty heavy list of underground stars.
    With full parts f...

  • Static II Trailer #2

    This is the second trailer for Static II, originally aired in 2004 in 411 VM announcing that the video would soon be released.

  • Static II Original Trailer

    This is the first trailer released in 411VM announcing the Static II video in 2003.